Our Passion


"It is really simple – it’s the people! Spending time with the other Council members, National Alumni staff, FFA Alumni from other parts of the country and all those associated with agriculture and FFA has been a real joy. It is because they share my enthusiasm for FFA, ag education and the ag industry. Those we engage with as the Council have even more passion than me for the things I value and dedicate my time to support."

~Shauna McReynolds, Treasurer - Oregon FFA Alumni Council, Western Region Rep - National Alumni Council

As the Oregon FFA Alumni, we engage with affiliates across the state to increase our overall effectivity and impact as an organization. We pursue passions ranging from hosting Alumni Development Days to assist, teach and encourage our local affiliates, to raising money for supporting FFA members in the form of scholarship funds, to getting involved at the national level so the voices of Oregon Alumni can be heard. 

Passion is a powerful word and emotion that has been used by FFA Alumni Affiliates around the country for 40 years to create action and change. Here in Oregon, the FFA Alumni believe wholeheartedly in the impact we are making by pursuing our passions, and if you are a part of our team, we thank you. If you are looking to make a difference by becoming part of the Oregon FFA Alumni or are interested in starting an affiliate of your own, we welcome you with open arms and stand ready to help in any way we can.