Oregon Alumni Affiliates


It is time for affiliate/membership renewal for the 2015-16 membership cycle. All membership communication will be channeled to and from secretary.or.alumniffa@gmail.com.  


Deadline for Roster and Dues:  March 1, 2016

Attached is your most current roster and more detailed directions for affiliation. 

1.        Check your roster for updated information and changes. All members need an address listed (you may use your affiliate’s mailing address if no address is available.)

2.       Mail one check for $200 payable to Oregon FFA Alumni Association

Mailing address:              

FFA Alumni Association

PO BOX  13938

Salem, OR  97309

3.       Complete the four question online Annual Impact Survey.  http://goo.gl/forms/JdAu6mDhkD


v  Lifetime Members Note:  If someone is interested in becoming a National and State Lifetime Member, please email the OR FFA Alumni Secretary directly.  Affiliates with 25+ National Lifetime members do not have to pay the national affiliation fee.